Diaspora Interviews

Diaspora Interviews

Campaigns shall be carried out across different countries in the diaspora and Africa to create awareness and generate a database or repository of information regarding the diaspora, its needs and ways to respond to these needs.

In a 3-step process the platform looks closely at the why, the how and the what needs to done to facilitate and strengthen the bridge between the African diaspora and its nations.

Mrs Imma Allotey – Germany

Mrs Honorine Emanga Baron – Germany

Ms Laila Rahhall – Dubai

Mr Teddy Ekabe – Germany

Frau Petra Sorge dos Santos – Germany

Ms Joy Zenz – Kenyan Diaspora Germany

Ms Julienne Neh – Germany

Mr Arrah Bessong – Germany

Lem Ngekwi & Awa’ah Ngetse – GERMANY