Frequently Asked Questions.

Bonjour à vous Team #Returnees!!!
#Rendez-vous #December 09th 2017 Douala

Auriez-vous des questions? Nous avons des réponses!
Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions FAQs!

1/ What is The Returnees Mission, Vision & Purpose?

#TheReturneesPlatform is the bridge linking the diaspora and the nations of Africa! A one-stop-shop made up of member organizations from #THREE parts: a) Home citizens, b) Returnees and c) the diaspora citizens.
For more information visit url:

2/ Why – why “54”?
#Love for Motherland – our journey with 54 African countries.

3/ Of the 24 #partnerships and deals signed thanks to The Returnees platform and forward- thinking Entrepreneurs, 7 are international deals with 8 industry sectors represented within 10 months.

4/ Why, How and When was this vision born?
#Watch video:

5/ What is the #eligibility to become a member organization on this platform?

6/ How to best follow the #milestones – any references given to the new member organizations?

7/Which #STRUCTURE has been put in place to ensure the sustainability of this pioneer vision for Africa?

8/ In the upcoming Annual International Conference and Gala, where and how can participants get more information?

  • #Email:
  • Website:
    #Tel: +237-699-989-474

9/ Could you kindly specify the #venue of the 2017 Conference & the Red Carpet Gala Night?

#CONFERENCE: From 9AM to 3PM, with great speakers/panelists – Product Exhibition stands at #GICAM Bonanjo, Douala
#GALA NIGHT with artists, fashion parades, etc from 20H to 5AM at the exquisite #SAPHIRS Hall, Akwa Douala

10/ Are there other Returnees #activities running throughout the year? Conferences, Partnership deals, #Documentary video series, etc

11/ What is the official #language spoken at the conference?

12/ What are the participation #requirements?
Participation packages are structured for:
#Sponsors, Investors Entrepreneurs for Exbitions, Partners, Media teams and VIP Participants for the B2B, B2C, B2G.
#Email The Marketing & Comm. Team:

13/ Are #tickets available only in Douala?
Special Invitations and Gala tickets are available in Bamenda, Douala Yaounde and Buea.

14/ What are the main #highlights for this year?
Preliminary program:

15/ I will also like to be a panelist/speaker and also share my story, what is the selection criteria? #Contact the Conference Team.

16/ What does B2B, B2C, B2G stand for?
Download Program here for #abbreviations listed:

17/ #Media coverage of The Returnees International Networking Conference at the GICAM 9H to 15H and Gala Night at SAPHIRS, Akwa 20H to 5H; by invited media houses!

18/ Any other questions? #ContactTheTeam:

Thank you.
#TheReturnees #DreamsDoComeTrue