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THE RETURNEES & Diaspora – Home Sweet Home – Visionaries of our time!

2nd Edition – Join Us – Saturday, December 09th 2017 in DOUALA, CAMEROON

Download Here: Preliminary Programm EN – The Returnees International Networking Conference & Gala – GICAM 2017

An annual all day networking conference and gala night in the affluent city of Douala, Cameroon that brings together a selected network of doers within the Cameroonian community at home and abroad through The Returnees Project umbrella.

The Returnees project is aimed at unifying the nation’s human and capital resources on a platform that will easily be accessible for all. The team has brought together entrepreneurs, investors, educationists, leaders and passionists in several disciplines who are committing to exchange and share thoughts, ideas and network for the betterment of their respective communities and/or operations.
This special day December 09th 2017 will be graced by music artists, comedy artists, motivational speakers, seasoned entrepreneurs, investor groups and leading patrons in several disciplines who will come to exchange resources with all present.
An exquisite buffet with a variety of inter-continental meals and specialty drinks will be in abundance conquered by some of the best DJ’s in town to keep us alive throughout this memorable night.

This Exclusive and epic night shall be accompanied by Heavy TV coverage and broadcasted throughout Cameroon and online for the Diaspora.







Miranda OBEN: Founder of The RETURNEES Project

Dr Nick Ngwanyam: CEO & Founder of St Louis Clinic and Universty Institute- Bamenda; CAMEROON:

About US.


The Returnees Project Platform is Africa’s premier networking arena linking its Diaspora to their respective countries with a sole purpose of promoting the exchange of mutual and valuable resources. The organization is registered with branches in the UK, Germany, Cameroon, USA and other parts of the world.

Our Fact Finding Mission

The team along with other collaborators have spent time in Cameroon understanding and defining the gaps that plague the transitioning of a diasporan back to homeland of Cameroon. A publication of finding reserved for use has led the way to establishment of The Returnees Project platform

Marketing & Media

The team has appeared on 8 major TV channels, audio and covered by paper press in 5 major regions in Cameroon. And we continue to stay connected with media and the population through our media pages across Africa and the Diaspora

Our Mission

To become an integral platform for the seamless integration of the nation’s Diaspora and its home-based citizens and affiliations; and sharing our success stories in documentaries for others to emulate

Our Vision

By 2020, The Returnees Project would have a database of 90% of members in the Diaspora while promoting over 80% of their investments/resources towards economic growth at home.

Our Objectives

  • Establish a web interface to co-ordinate information and resource exchanges with the public through inspiring stories
  • Organize an annual gala that will bring its members under a networking umbrella towards a progressive agenda
  • Form linkages between members and corporations for seamless integrations

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